After travelling in South-East Asia many times, I decided to settle down in Laos where I worked in communications for a local travel agency for 2 years. My time there helped me to increase my knowledge and gain a better comprehension about the Lao culture, its stakes, and its fragility. I had the great opportunity to immerse myself and be part of all traditional festivals, discover the locals habits and customs, make connections with extraordinary people, explore remote areas out of the beaten tracks and of course photograph all this.


There are a lot of incredible stories to tell but everything is so fragile and changing fast. I am more conscious about what issues South-East Asia is facing today with environment, wild life trading, pollution, education, poverty, mass tourism, disappearing traditions, ethnics minorities and ancestral knowledge. There is a lot of work to do to empower future generations to illuminate their cultural heritage in our ever-evolving world. More than just making beautiful images, my passion to learn more about their culture, diversity and changing traditions is what drives my work.