Un Mariage dans le désert au Maroc à La Pause Marrakech Agafay

Between Laotian tradition and Moroccan culture, Jade and Sun said "Yes" in the heart of the dunes

La Pause Marrakech in the Agafay Desert

In the heart of the Agafay desert, amidst an enchanting setting where the dunes stretch as far as the eye can see and where olive trees sway gently in the wind, a most memorable wedding took place. La Pause Marrakech, an oasis of calm and beauty nestled in the Moroccan desert of Agafay, was the stage for a celebration blending Laotian and Moroccan culture, creating a unique and unforgettable event.

An Intimate Laotian Ceremony under the Olive Trees

The day began under the olive trees, near the shimmering pool, where a Laotian ceremony bound the two loving souls. The vibrant colors of traditional fabrics mingled with prayers, filling the atmosphere with joy and spirituality. In this naturally enchanting setting, Jade and Sun exchanged vows, sealing their commitment before their loved ones, under the olive leaves.

A Secular Ceremony in the Heart of the Dunes

Guided by the desire to celebrate their love in a place imbued with mystery and magic, the couple led their guests to the heart of the dunes for a secular ceremony. There, amidst the golden hues of the desert and the azure sky, they spoke their promises of eternity. Surrounded by the majesty of the desert landscape, the couple exchanged vows of love, witnesses to their profound commitment to each other.

Capturing Love in the Golden Light

After this solemn and poetic ceremony, Jade and Sun had the opportunity to capture the intensity of their love during a sunset photo session. The golden dunes and our camel friend served as a backdrop to their love, while the golden rays of the declining sun caressed their skin, immortalizing every moment of their happiness.

Cocktail under the stars and enchanting rhythms

Then came the long-awaited moment of the cocktail, where guests were invited to the edge of the pool. To the captivating sound of traditional Gnawa music, guests savored Moroccan culinary delights and exotic refreshments, immersing themselves in a unique sensory experience. The beautiful rhythms of percussion and Gnawa chants transported everyone into an atmosphere of celebration and conviviality.

A magical evening under a starlit sky

Finally, under a sky adorned with sparkling stars, the evening continued in an atmosphere of magic and romance. Guests danced under the stars, swept away by the joy of this exceptional event. Amidst laughter, tears, and emotions, this wedding in Morocco at La Pause Marrakech, in the Agafay desert, will remain etched in memories as a moment of indescribable beauty and intensity, where Laotian and Moroccan traditions came together to celebrate love.

Venue & Event Planner: La Pause Marrakech
Photographer: Julie Costet
Suit: Father & Sons
Dress: Stella & Suzie

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