Couples photo session at the summit of Hohneck

Celebrating love on a mountaintop

The B & A engagement session

We met up with B and A on a summer’s evening on the magnificent Vosges crest of the Hohneck. We begin our adventure in the tall grasses that give the session a wild feel. The lovers have taken to the game and are having fun hugging and twirling. The atmosphere is soft and light, and the view of the cliffs is breathtaking.

Golden hour and Blue hour, time for lovers

At sunset, the golden hour envelops the mountains in its golden mantle, bringing a soft, luminous light. Perfect conditions to share a tender moment in total intimacy. Later on, the sky turns purple and pink, then metamorphoses into a soft blue: it’s blue hour.

A unique couple's session

If, like B and A, you dream of a magical couples session, don’t hesitate to contact me!

I am available in the Vosges and elsewhere to produce your wedding reportage.