Good Vibes: A Jazzy Wedding at l'Orangerie du Manoir

Immerse yourself in the sunny and jazzy world of a romantic wedding

Indian Summer

“Good Vibes” is a celebration of sunshine, joy, love, and music. We’ve created a modern decor in shades of yellow with a touch of black, evoking the essence of jazz and the structure of l’Orangerie du Manoir. Our real couple, Serena and Kilian, perfectly embodied this festive and romantic atmosphere.

Enchanting Setting: l'Orangerie du Manoir in Alsace

L’Orangerie du Manoir provided a picturesque backdrop for our wedding inspiration shoot. Nestled in a lush landscape, this beautiful venue inspired a modern and elegant ambiance, infused with the magic of jazz.

Customized and Local Creations

Our team of talented vendors based in Alsace and the Vosges brought “Good Vibes” to life with unique creations from our region. The bridal gown was custom-made for the occasion by Debo Collection, while Blandin & Delloye dressed our groom Kilian with elegance. Marie K provided sparkling makeup and added her artisanal earrings to perfect our bride’s look.

Attention to Detail

The stationery, meticulously crafted by Paillettes d’Émotions, incorporates essential details from our shoot, such as the illustration of l’Orangerie featured on the place cards.

The rings and jewelry, delicately crafted, are signed by Flore et Zéphyr, while the artisanal perfume worn by Serena, which is also used as a gift for guests, comes from Maison Serena Galini. It’s also interesting to note that this perfume shares the same name as our model! Every detail has been thoughtfully considered to awaken the senses and create lasting memories.

Elegant and original décor

The ceremony arch, décor, and stunning table were meticulously designed by Alice Blondel. L’Edelweiss created original and unique floral decorations to enhance the arch, table, and beautiful bridal bouquet. Each element was carefully chosen to create a harmonious and unforgettable ambiance.

A feast for the eyes and palate

Our models enjoyed delicious cocktails and beverages provided by Contre-pied Caviste. As for the delicious, refined cake adorned with a glittery touch, it came from Atelier MK.

Groove to the Music

This entire ambiance was captured in photos by myself, Julie Costet, and in video by Camille Schall. To top it all off, the musicians from La Boîte de Jazz accompanied our newlyweds with their jazzy notes, offering an unforgettable performance.

Through “Good Vibes,” we sought to capture the essence of happiness and celebration. With l’Orangerie du Manoir as our backdrop and a team of passionate vendors, we created a unique and magical experience. Whether for inspiration for your own wedding or simply to immerse yourself in the beauty of this day, we hope our story has transported and inspired you to our world of happiness, romance, and jazz music.

Wedding Inspiration : “Good Vibes”
Venue: L’Orangerie du Manoir
Creative Direction and Photography: Julie Costet Photographe d’Aventures
Planning and Decor: Alice Blondel Evenements
Videography: Camille Schall Production
Floral Designer: Edelweiss
Stationery: Paillettes d’Emotions
Custom-made dress: Debo Collection
Wedding Cake: Atelier MK
Suit: Blandin & Delloye
Rings & Jewelry: Flore & Zéphyr
MUA : Marie K
Earrings: Les Coquettes
Perfume: Maison Serena Galini
Music Collective: LaBoite2Jazz
Drinks: Contre-Pied Caviste
Models : Serena Politano & Kilian Marmouset

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