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You are a craftsman, an artist, a store, a brand, a hotel, a restaurant, a tourist office, an association... And you are looking for a photographer? I'll create the best content for you. These images can be used for your website, social networks, brochures, leaflets, to illustrate an article in a magazine, or to cover one of your events. There are numerous media on which you can broadcast your corporate report, ensuring that you reach the right customers.

I’m a photographer based in Gérardmer, in the Vosges, I’m also available in Meurthe-et-Moselle, Alsace, Lorraine, all over France, and beyond.

- Look after your image!

A photo reportage of your company not only provides quality photos, but also restores its image and uniqueness. More than just photos, you’re showcasing your values, your know-how and your passion.

- Be unique

In the business world, competition is fierce and visual communication is an essential tool for standing out from the crowd. Many of your competitors use image banks in which the photos all look the same. Don’t make the same mistake and stand out from the crowd with a professional photographer.

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- Add value to your know-how

Photojournalism can take as many forms as there are companies, and photographic needs are varied. For example, it can highlight the excellence of your expertise or tell a story that will capture your customers’ attention.

- Tell your story

Through photos, you can create emotion with your target audience by telling them a story. You’ll stand out for this authenticity, and give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at what makes your business different.

My Experience with the Pros

Your Anti-Niche Photographer!

With 9 years’ experience in photography and training in communications, multimedia, graphic design and web design, I understand perfectly the importance of image in reaching your target. I’m here to listen to your needs and I’ll do my best to meet them! I work with a wide range of businesses to help them communicate, using natural light in your workshop, business or outdoors, from initial ideas to photo shoots. Whatever the field, I put all my know-how at your service to offer you unique, high-quality content. If you’re passionate about your job and want to promote it, I’m the person for you. My approach assures you of high-quality photos that meet your needs. Sincerity and sensitivity are at the heart of my photographic practice.

My Services

Culinary, Restaurant, Real Estate, Craftsman, Small Business, Packshot, Seminar, Team Building, Events

Culinary & Restaurant

Sublimate your culinary know-how through photography. I capture in detail the passion and creativity that go into each of your dishes, to bring out the flavors, textures and colors of your culinary creations. I also aim to reveal the warm atmosphere of your restaurant, capturing the unique ambience that constitutes its essence. Whether you’re a renowned chef, an established restaurant or a gourmet caterer, my photographs will help you inspire your customers to enjoy a new culinary experience. Trust my expertise to enhance your dishes and the unique experience you offer your guests.

Real Estate & Holiday Rentals

Highlight your property with professional images to boost your rentals. Each photograph is meticulously designed to reveal volumes, spaces and the smallest details, revealing the full potential of your property. From clever angles to subtle details, my aim is to capture the uniqueness of each location. My photographs are a powerful tool for attracting customers and highlighting the distinctive features of your property. Trust my expertise to enhance your property with captivating images that appeal to your target audience.”

Craftsman & Small Business

Assert your brand image, expertise or know-how through photography. Distinguish yourself and highlight what makes your company unique through my photos. I capture atmosphere, spaces, details and portraits for artisans and businesses, with a commitment to revealing the authenticity and professionalism of your business. Images to capture the essence of your workspace, store, boutique or café, real living spaces. Mood photos to express the tone, idea and artistic direction. Each shot is meticulously designed to reflect the very essence of your company. Convey your story and your values through images that match you perfectly.

Product shooting

Highlight your products to help your customers imagine themselves using or tasting them. With packshot and product shoots, I’m committed to highlighting your article in a world that reflects your personality. Each shot is carefully crafted to capture the unique details and aesthetics of your products. From thoughtful angles to subtle plays of light, I strive to create images that captivate and inspire. Whether for your website, your social networks or your advertising campaigns, my photographs will help you attract the attention of your customers and reinforce your brand image.

Seminars & Team Building

Strengthen the bonds that unite you and create unique memories during your corporate seminars and team-building events. I capture the highlights, the atmosphere and the complicity of your teams. Whether it’s for team building, a corporate seminar or any other professional event, my photographs will help you relive those intense moments. Trust my expertise to capture the dynamics and spirit of your business event.

Events, Concert & Festival

A report that immerses you in the atmosphere of your event. From key moments to subtle details, I strive to capture the mood, light, interactions, and unique energy of each occasion. Whether for a festival, a concert or a festival, my photographs will help you relive those precious moments again and again. Let us capture the magic of your event in an unforgettable way!


  • Make your request via the contact form and give me as many details as possible about your project.
  • We’ll be in touch by e-mail or telephone to organize the report.
  • I’ll give you a tailor-made quote to meet your expectations. A 30% deposit is required to book the shoot. The 70% balance is requested on the day of the shoot and before the photos are sent.
  • The day of the report: everything will have been organized beforehand, and all that’s left to do is to shoot.
  • Post-production: sorting, colorimetry, retouching and archiving. I take care of every detail!
  • You will receive your photos in HD and a second folder with your photos optimized for the web via a download link.

Do you need to enhance your image? Let's talk about it!

If my vision as a photographer appeals to you and you would like a professional photo report to enrich your communication and make it visually impactful, then I invite you to contact me via the form. Give me as much information as possible about your project so that I can better understand your requirements and we can discuss them in detail.